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AML Policy
This anti-money laundering policy is aimed at identifying transactions that related to the financing of terrorism, laundering of funds obtained by criminal, as well as other illegal activities, and is intended to prevent and mitigate any possible risks to the GeeExchange Service that may involve GeeExchange into any illegal activity.

To determine such transactions, the Geeexchange.com exchange service uses the AML Bot service. If the AML risk for a transaction exceeds 70% or any of high-risk area indicators, such as Dark Market, Stolen Coins and other, exceeds 25%, if links to sub-sanctioned platforms such as Hydra, Garantex, Tornado Cash, etc. are found in the funds chain, or the address is on a specific block list, the GeeExchange Service reserves the right to do the following, depending on the situation:
- suspend the transaction;
- refund to the wallet specified by the user, excluding the transfer fee; if the refund requires an additional fee, the user will be obliged to transfer the fee to the Service's wallet, so that the Service can return the user's funds; - request to user for photo images with user's identity document: a passport photo, expanded, where the user's photo and name and surname, scan or photos of the passport pages (first, second pages, as well as pages with registration) in good quality, with easily readable data indicated in it;
- request to user for a video image in which the user who sent the funds, with a passport in hand, opened on a page where the full name and photo are clearly visible, a user confirms: the creation of an order (indicating the ID / order number) on the service GeeExchange by him (a user), and the fact that the funds sent by him are his personal funds and he bears full legal responsibility for these funds, and also indicates source of origin of these funds;
- request to user for video images taken from the platform from which funds were sent, showing hash, sender and recipient address, amount with ticker and transaction date - the duration of this video must be at least 10 seconds;
- request to user for a screenshot of the payment transaction from the user account/wallet/application or any other interface;
- request to user for other materials, documents and data related to the exchange;
- blocking the account and any operations related to this user, transfering the data to the financial activities controlling and/or law enforcement agencies at the Service registration location;
- retention of user funds until the end of the investigation of the incident;
- the implementation of the return of digital assets only to the requisites from which the transfer was carried out or switch to other requisites, after a full check by the Service's security service, if it was possible to verify the legality of the origin of the user's funds;
- no refund of the user's funds, if the user does not provide the requested information and does not respond to the Service's requests within 6 calendar months.

To prevent transactions of an illegal nature, the GeeExchange Service sets the following requirements for all orders created by the user:
- the sender and the recipient of payment for the order must be the same person. With using the Service services, transfers in favor of third parties are strictly prohibited;
- all contact details entered by the user in the order, as well as other personal data transmitted by the user to the Service must be up-to-date and fully reliable;
- it is strictly forbidden for user to use anonymous proxy servers, VPN, Tor or any other anonymous Internet connections to create the orders.
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