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Terms and conditions
Service Agreement This agreement specifies the conditions on the basis of which the services of the "GeeExchange" service are provided as soon as the user logs in on the Website. Before using the service, the User must read and accept all the conditions of this agreement. Otherwise, the User cannot use the services of the service.

The User agrees that the Terms of Service may be periodically updated by the Service Management unilaterally without further notice to the User.

The parties to this agreement are "GeeExchange", hereinafter referred to as the "Service" and any individual using the services of the Service, hereinafter referred to as the "User".

1. Terms and definitions
1.1 “GeeExchange” - is a trademark that is the name for electronic currency exchange and offers its services using a special software interface for all Users.
1.2 User is any natural person using the benefits of the GeeExchange service.
1.3 Electronic currency is a monetary obligation between the developer of a given currency and its user, expressed digitally.
1.4 The payment system is a software and hardware product developed by a third party and represents a mechanism for the implementation of the accounting of monetary obligations, as well as the organization of mutual settlements between its users.
1.5 Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, the accounting of internal units of account of which is provided by a decentralized payment system (there is no internal or external administrator or any analog of it), working in a fully automatic mode.
1.6 Service benefits (services) - operations for the exchange, deposit, and withdrawal of electronic currencies/cryptocurrencies.
1.7 Payment - transfer of electronic/cryptocurrency from the payer to the recipient.

2. Introduction
2.1 This agreement regulates the relationship between the User and the Service regarding the services provided by the Service to the User and cancels all preceded agreements between the Service and the User on this subject.
2.2 The Service guarantees and ensures the confidentiality of information about the User and his operations. The Service can provide this information only at the request of authorized state bodies, officials, or representatives of Payment systems if there are legal grounds for this.

3. Subject of the agreement
3.1 The Subject of this agreement are the services for depositing and withdrawing electronic currencies, as well as other services described in the showcase of the Service.
3.2 The Service offers its services to all Users and does not check the legality of the User’s ownership of electronic currencies and/or financial funds, and does not oversee the operations of the User in any of the Payment systems.
3.3 Payment systems and/or financial institutions are solely responsible for the funds entrusted to them by the User. The Service may not be a party to the agreement between the Payment System and/or financial institution and the User and shall not be liable in any way for the incorrect or unauthorized use of the capabilities of the Payment System by the User, as well as for the abuse of the functionality of the Payment System by the User. Mutual rights and obligations of the User and the Payment system and/or financial institution are regulated by relevant agreements.
3.4 Any completed operation to deposit and withdraw electronic currency/cryptocurrency, as well as any other operation offered by the Service to the User, cannot be canceled by the User after its completion - when the User receives it on previously accepted terms of the transaction.
3.5 The Service has the right to suspend or cancel the operation if the Service receives information from the authorized bodies on the unauthorized possession of electronic currencies by the User or financial means and/or other information that makes it impossible to provide the Service to the User.
3.6 The Service has the right to provide user data and all information about the operations performed, if the service receives an official request about the unauthorized possession of electronic currencies by the User or financial means and/or other information from the authorized bodies.
3.7 The Service has the right to suspend or cancel an ongoing operation if the User violates the terms of this agreement or suspected misconduct or illegal actions.
3.8 The Service has the right to cancel the ongoing operation and return the electronic currencies and/or financial funds contributed by the User without explanation.
3.9 The Service has the right to recount the application for the amount received or make a refund minus the commission on the wallet or E-mail specified in the order if the payment amount does not coincide with the specified amount in the order.
3.10 GeeExchange may suspend or terminate your account or use the Services or process transaction with crypto assets at any time to prevent attempts at illegal trading, financial fraud, and money laundering, see clause 5.6 using the services of the Service.

4. Service Benefits (Services)
4.1 The Service offers its services in exchanging one type of electronic currency/crypto asset for another without a lunch break, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.
4.2 “Crypto-assets” in this document should be considered as a type of asset that can only and exclusively be transferred through blockchain technology, including, but not limited to, digital coins and digital tokens and any other types of digital media such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and etc., until complete and absolute exemption from securities of any kind.
4.3 The User is provided with several exchange options with a fixed and non-fixed rate.
    4.3.1 The User is offered several options for a fixed rate of 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 5%. This option means in which range the Service will not have the right to recalculate the order if the rate drops within the percentage selected by the User. The more the percentage selected for fixed insurance against drop, the more the exchange rate will be different from the standard.
    4.3.2 The user is offered a non-fixed course "Nonfixed". This option means the exchange rate mode, in which our platform does not guarantee the exchange rate, so it fluctuates in accordance with the market. You acknowledge and agree that the exchange rate information provided on the Service for the option without fixing the rate (Nonfixed exchange rate) is only indicative and may differ from the indicated rate in the order.

4.4 Technical problems that arise due to your incorrect use of the GeeExchange Service, such as creating incorrect transactions (entering the wrong address both when specifying the recipient address and when sending your crypto assets to us), the user sends a sum of crypto assets other than the sum, which was displayed on the Website, or does not take into account the corresponding costs of transfer and network fees, thus sending an amount that is too small, as well as other types of user errors, can be solved through technical support service when possible.

5. User Responsibilities
5.1 You use our Services at your sole option, discretion, and risk.
5.2 You are at least 16 years old or of other legal age, according to your relevant jurisdiction.
5.3 You agree to pay fees for Exchanges made through the Service, as determined by GeeExchange, We may change from time to time.
5.4 You guarantee that your crypto assets belong to you and they are not sold, encumbered, not in contention, or under seizure, and that neither exist any rights of third parties to your crypto assets.
5.5 You shall provide correct information for creating Exchange (e.g. payin and payout wallet address). Such wallet addresses shall not be associated with terrorism, fraudulent, scam, or any type of illegal activity.
5.6 You further claim, agree and warrant, that you will not violate any law, contract, third-party right or commit a tort by accessing or using the Services, and that you are solely responsible for your actions and/or inactions while using the Service GeeExchange. Without prejudice to the foregoing, you claim, agree and warrant, that YOU WILL NOT:
    5.6.1 Use our Service GeeExchange or will immediately cease using those if any applicable law in your country prohibits or will prohibit you at any time from doing so;
    5.6.2 Use the Service GeeExchange to participate in fraudulent, scam or any type of illegal activity;
    5.6.3 Exchange via the Service GeeExchange or attempt to pay-in crypto assets, which are obtained from illegal gambling activities; fraud; money-laundering; or terrorist activities; or any other illegal activities. With the Service GeeExchange the user can only use crypto assets, which are obtained from legal sources;
    5.6.4 Provide false, inaccurate or misleading information;
    5.6.5 Attempt to modify, decompile, reverse-engineer or disassemble service software in any way;
    5.6.6 Use any robot, spider, crawler, scraper or other automated means or interface not provided by us to access the Service or to extract data.
    6. Taxation
    6.1 The Service is not a tax agent for the User and will not notify the User of his tax costs. The User undertakes to independently pay all taxes required by the tax laws of his place of residence.

    7. Warranties and liability of the parties
    7.1 The service provides its services on an “as is” basis as described on the pages of the Service website and does not offer any additional warranties.
    7.2 The service guarantees the fulfillment of obligations to the User only within the limits of this agreement and the amounts entrusted to the Service by the User for the operation.
    7.3 The service will make every effort but does not guarantee that its services will be available around the clock and daily. The Service does not bear any responsibility for losses, lost profits and other costs of the User that arose as a result of the inability to gain access to the site and the services of the Service, as well as in the case of the manifestation of technical problems on the service.
    7.4 The Service does not bear any responsibility for losses, not received profit and other costs incurred by the User resulting from delays, errors, or malfunctions in electronic/cryptocurrency transfers.
    7.5 The Service does not bear any responsibility for losses, not received profit, and other costs incurred by the User resulting from the erroneous expectations of the User regarding the tariff rates of the Service, profitability of transactions, and other subjective factors.
    7.6 The user guarantees that he is the owner or has the authority for the disposal of the amounts which are used in his transaction.
    7.7 The User acknowledges that the contents of the Service website are protected by the laws on the protection of property rights, intellectual property, and copyrights. Unauthorized use of this content is illegal.
    7.8 Please carefully check the details that you specify for receiving in the "Wallet address" field! If you enter the wrong wallet to receive in the "To the account" field and when the service transferred the funds on the specified details, the service does not bear any responsibility and will not be able to return the money.
    7.9 You guarantee that your crypto assets belong to you and they are not sold, encumbered, not in contention, or under seizure, and that neither exist any rights of third parties to your crypto assets.
    7.10 The user must provide the correct information to create the Exchange. Wallet addresses should not be related to terrorism, fraud, scam, or any other type of illegal activity.

    8. The service has the right to suspend/block the exchange/withdrawal of funds earned on referrals or the provision of bonuses for their exchanges in connection with the fraud. The minimum amount of exchange and minimum reward is intended only to familiarize yourself with the service and abuse of these bonuses will occur by blocking accounts and suspension of the exchange.

    9. Force Majeure
    9.1. Neither the User nor the Service will be liable to each other for delays or defaults resulting from force majeure circumstances, including natural disasters, fire, floods, terrorist acts, changes of power, civil unrest, as well as non-functioning of Payment systems, systems power supply, communication networks, and Internet service providers.

    10. The Service does not prohibit exchanges to third party accounts, but it does not highly recommend conducting such operations. The service is not responsible for the actions of these persons after receiving funds from our exchange service. Operate only with wallets and accounts to which you have full access.

    Attention! The service administration does not publish the own invoices for accepting funds from customers anywhere! Exchange is conducted only through the site! Do not fall for the tricks of scammers.
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Bitcoin Cash BCHN BCH => Ethereum Classic ETC
31.12918456 BCH
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627.40000000 ZRX
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23000.000000 XRP
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Tether TRC20 USDT => Monero XMR
36000.000000 USDT
2022-09-24 08:07:40
OmiseGO OMG => Monero XMR
593.37400000 OMG
2022-09-24 07:44:55
Ripple XRP => BAT BAT
5514.868353 XRP
2022-09-24 07:37:34
Bitcoin Cash BCHN BCH => Cardano ADA
13.72438350 BCH
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120.000000 USDT
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Tether TRC20 USDT => ZCash ZEC
71440.000000 USDT
2022-09-24 04:44:41
Tether ERC20 USDT => Binance Coin BEP2 BNB
30000.000000 USDT
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USD Coin ERC20 USDC => ZCash ZEC
3978.772229 USDC
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USD Coin ERC20 USDC => Chainlink LINK
52748.857166 USDC
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Ethereum ETH => USD Coin TRC20 USDC
14.50000000 ETH
2022-09-24 00:59:36
Monero XMR => USD Coin TRC20 USDC
5.78912000 XMR
2022-09-24 00:57:24
Chainlink LINK => Litecoin LTC
264.74291223 LINK
2022-09-24 00:24:50
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8544.310000 USDT
2022-09-23 23:37:47
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370000000.00 SHIB
2022-09-23 22:46:08
Shiba Inu SHIB => Tether TRC20 USDT
125464020.00 SHIB
2022-09-23 21:55:58
0x ZRX => Ethereum Classic ETC
7608.39872254 ZRX
2022-09-23 21:02:11
Litecoin LTC => Tether TRC20 USDT
27.00000000 LTC
2022-09-23 20:30:35
USD Coin ERC20 USDC => OmiseGO OMG
32942.281000 USDC
2022-09-23 20:27:27
Tether ERC20 USDT => Ethereum Classic ETC
52673.464000 USDT
2022-09-23 19:57:55
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2022-09-23 18:50:21
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