We are 1 year old

We are 1 year old
Dear users of our resource!

We hasten to inform you that our e-currency exchange service turned 1 year old.

We are grateful to all users who chose our service, using the exchange of electronic currencies and supported us in our endeavors.

All year we worked in the sweat of the face, that would make our service as convenient as possible and the rate of exchange satisfied each user.

For all the time of work, thanks to you, about our service was left more than 3000 positive reviews, both on our website and on other resources and conducted over 50 000 successful exchanges, for more than 10,000,000$.

All our great achievements are yet to come, because we are only one year old.

We thank all users who took advantage of our service and we will take care that in the future the service work was as stable as possible, more convenient and better.

Thank you for choosing "GeeExchange.com"

Best regards GeeExchange Administration
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