Exchange Litecoin to WEX RUB

Exchange Litecoin LTC to WEX RUB
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Attention! The order will be executed in a few minutes after our system receives 6 confirmations from the Litecoin network.

If the Litecoin rate has changed by more than 1% (inclusive) and the service will have a risk of incurring losses - the service has the right to recalculate the order at the actual exchange rate.

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Exchange Litecoin to WEX RUB

However strange it may seem, not all e-currency exchange services are ready to offer their users to exchange Litecoin for WEX RUB. And although this is not a tragedy, it still handles the customers themselves, as they are forced to give even more Litecoins in order to purchase the required amount of WEX RUB for not the best courses.

Of course, the exchanger is not able to radically change the entire system and force other exchangers to include this direction in their list of services. But what really is in our competence is the provision of the opportunity to make this exchange profitable, fast and very convenient for each of our clients. And although this direction of exchange appeared relatively recently, it is in great demand among our customers. That's why we decided to meet them, offering only the best conditions of service, which include not only minimum commissions and optimal exchange rates, but also professional assistance of technical specialists, high speed of exchange (no more than 2 minutes), availability of loyalty program and affiliate program , as well as other advantages.
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