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Conditions of affiliate program

Conditions of affiliate program:
We pay you for the application of each attracted customer.
Inform about us your friends, acquaintances, partners and earn.

Terms of the affiliate program

Compensation for the partnership program is:

Charge for the application created by your referral: to 30% of profit of exchange office.

The minimum profit on exchange is 0.01 $. That is if your referral made a transaction for a very small amount and our profit on the transaction was less than 0.01 $, we will reward you for this transaction $ 0.01.

. A link to attract customers and promotional materials are available in the section «Information for partners» in your account.

If you represent popular or narrow-topic site,you are ready to providing of a high- quality traffic, payment for registration or increase in amount of commission is possible.

The accruals under the partner program occur instantly after a successful exchange operation.

Withdrawal of funds from the partner account is carried out on a preliminary application in the section «Statistics and inference». All payments are made after the administrator verifies the account. As a rule, it takes no more than 2 working days from the date of filing an application for withdrawal of funds.

The minimum withdrawal amount for partner funds is $ 1.
The refusal to pay the funds can be in cases of "cheating" the earnings, creating a fictitious flow of applications, the use of active advertising systems, advertising on the sites about earnings in the network, advertising on sites created for the sake of advertising, claims of third parties regarding the requests, or the customer.

All operations on the affiliate program are accounted for and stored in the «Statistics and output» section.

The table presents data on the amount of your rewards, depending on the total volume of transactions conducted by your referrals.

Amount: Royalties:
> 05%
> 10010%
> 100015%
> 500020%
> 1000025%
> 2000030%


Your partner interest is 30% of the profit of the exchange office

1000$ Perfect Money for 1000$. Okpay
Our profit on this transaction was at that time 1%.
Your profit on this transaction will be 30% of our profit or 3$.