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Exchange Yandex Money RUB to Qiwi RUB

Exchange Yandex Money RUB to Qiwi RUB
Attention! If you want to make an exchange for the first time on our website for a this direction, the order will be processed across 25 hours.

All subsequent exchanges in this area will be automatically and takes less than 2 minutes.

Transfers are accepted only from the Yandex Money account.
Exchange Yandex Money RUB to Qiwi RUB

Transfer Yandex Money on Qiwi wallet

The payment system    of  Yandex  money and  Qiwi  are actively  working  with  the  Russian national  currency  offer  to the  clients  the  maximal  possibilities  at  calculations. It is convenient  to  pay  with electronic  money  of  these  systems  for  goods  and services  to  fill  up  the  mobile  phone  and  just  to  transfer  money  to  other  users  with  the  minimum  commissions.

Another  question  -  where  exchange  Yandex Money  to  Qiwi?  Trust  only  the  checked   service  which first  of  all  cares  for your  interests.

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  3. Our  currency  reserves  are  always  filled  to  capacity
  4. We  never  delay  payment  of  the  money  on your  cash  account
  5. Fill  in  the  application  for  exchange  in  two  account- simply and quckly
  6. Earn  together  with  us  participating  in  the  partner  program
Why  to  think  of  that  where  to  carry  out  favorable  exchange  Yandex  Money  on Qiwi or  in  one  of  the  others  very  popular  directions  when  you  are  aware  of  the  address   of  our  service  and  therefore   each  exchange  will  bring  you  only  real  financial  benefit  and a  good mood.

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