All exchanges are carried out in automatical mode. Round the clock!
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Exchange Qiwi RUB to Visa/Mastercard/Mir RUB

Exchange Qiwi RUB to Visa/Mastercard/Mir RUB
Attention! If you don’t have a complete verification of the Qiwi wallet – don’t exchange more than 15000 rub. for a one operation , because Qiwi system will not allow you to transfer more than 15000 rub, for one operation!

This transaction is performed in automatic mode and takes up to 2 minutes.

Attention! Withdrawal on bank cards is made through Qiwi processing service.

Attention! The term of the transfer of money depends on the issuing bank of the recipient's card (from a few seconds to 5 banking days). In our practice, there have never been any delays and all transfers occurred instantly.

At the moment we provide this service only for cards of Russian Banks.
Exchange Qiwi RUB to Visa/Mastercard/Mir RUB

Change with Qiwi wallet for Visa/Mastercard/Mir RUB, replenish Visa/Mastercard/Mir RUB with Kiwi

Make the exchange in the direction of Qiwi RUB - Visa/Mastercard/Mir RUB very simple, for this there is a huge amount of services that offer their services to customers. And what really exchanger takes care of the customer benefits? In fact - only ours, but the rest are engaged in populism and advertising its "essential" services. Let them do it as much as necessary and important for you to know one thing - the best conditions for cooperation, you will find here. Without further words of praise, because we trust in deeds, not words - as well as you.

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E currency Exchange Qiwi on Visa/Mastercard/Mir RUB is available and we are always a priority. Every day, we are introducing new chips interesting and offers to their customers, making our cooperation more comfortable and effective.