All exchanges are carried out in automatical mode. Round the clock!
Chat operators working hours: 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. (GMT +3) Moskow time.

Exchange Litecoin LTC to Qiwi RUB

Exchange Litecoin LTC to Qiwi RUB
This operation is performed in automatic mode round the clock.

Attention! The order will be executed in a few minutes after our system receives from 5 to 8 confirmations from the Litecoin network.

If the Litecoin rate has changed by more than 1% (inclusive) and the service will have a risk of incurring losses - the service has the right to recalculate the order at the actual exchange rate.
Exchange Litecoin LTC to Qiwi RUB

Is an automatic and quick transfer of funds from Litecoin to Qiwi RUB interesting? Get maximum benefits from us.

The work of many e-currency exchange services is organized in such a way that they literally force their users to choose between profitable exchange rates, the speed with which funds are credited to the account, the adequacy of reserves and other important  components of an ideal exchange. The problem with such services is that they focus only on one single factor, while sacrificing all the others

but what do users of such exchangers get? They either  have to be satisfied with losing money at unprofitable rates and overpaying high commissions in order to get a quick access to their funds or to suffer long waiting times in order to exchange one e-currency for another at a favorable rate. Service strongly opposes such practices. We understand - if the user has contacted us, he intends to get the maximum benefits from the exchange of Litecoin on Qiwi RUB, which includes:
  • Optimal conditions for exchanging Litecoins for QiwiRUB, without hidden fees and commissions, without the exchange rate that is obviously unprofitable for the client.
  • Timely technical support and assistance on any arising issue related to the work of the exchanger.
  • Efficiency of withdrawal of funds and crediting of QiwiRUB to own account.
  • Exceptional privacy and transaction security.
  • Discounts, additional bonuses, etc.
You can be sure that by cooperating with us, you will get not only the above mentioned advantages, but also other benefits  from reliable service.