All exchanges are carried out in automatical mode. Round the clock!
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Exchange Litecoin LTC to EXMO RUB

Exchange Litecoin LTC to EXMO RUB
This operation is performed in automatic mode round the clock.

Attention! The order will be executed in a few minutes after our system receives from 5 to 8 confirmations from the Litecoin network.

If the Litecoin rate has changed by more than 1% (inclusive) and the service will have a risk of incurring losses - the service has the right to recalculate the order at the actual exchange rate.
Exchange Litecoin LTC to EXMO RUB

If you ask novice users about what exactly affects the result of Litecoin exchange on EXMO RUB, they will immediately name the exchange rate. And this, perhaps, is the main factor, but not the only one. Example, will you be no satisfied with the work of the service, the reserves will not be enough, or will you have to wait for the transfer of funds for more than 30 minutes?

The opportunity to quickly contact technical experts, the commission that you need to pay for exchanging Litecoins for EXMO RUB, the availability of a loyalty program and affiliate program, the convenience of the service and the ability not to fill out huge exchange requests. From each of these components will depend very much, and at know this better than anyone. That's why we are striving for comprehensive development, despite the fact that hundreds of loyal customers have repeatedly confessed to us that we are the best, and that it will simply not be possible to make our service even steeper. We know for sure - life always has a place for progress, and the ideal is unattainable, because we do not stop for a second, trying to offer customers only the most favorable conditions.

Yes, exchange rates are very important, but do not lose sight of their other aspects, considering each of them. Or, you can simply not clog your head with unnecessary information, trusting the exchange in one of 100 directions to us, because we have already considered all your interests and wishes.