All exchanges are carried out in automatical mode. Round the clock!
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Exchange Litecoin LTC to Advanced Cash RUB

Exchange Litecoin LTC to Advanced Cash RUB
This operation is performed in automatic mode round the clock.

Attention! The order will be executed in a few minutes after our system receives from 5 to 8 confirmations from the Litecoin network.

If the Litecoin rate has changed by more than 1% (inclusive) and the service will have a risk of incurring losses - the service has the right to recalculate the order at the actual exchange rate
Exchange Litecoin LTC to Advanced Cash RUB

You have decided to exchange Litecoin for AdvCash RUB, but you are worried that the information about this transaction can be made available to third parties. Alas, despite the constant statements of many services about the exclusive anonymity of all payments, we are increasingly confronted with situations where confidential information is trivially "merged", which in no way adds to the customer's positive and willingness at least once to exchange Litecoins for the Advanced Cash RUB through a breach of the privacy rule service.

For the entire existence of the service, there has not been a single case of disclosure of confidential customer information, but all because we respect our customers. In addition, we provide them with the opportunity to exchange Litecoins, Adv Cash and any other currency really fast, so that they can use the currency for a few minutes later for any purpose. Our commissions are one of the most loyal, and we do not slide down to hiding them from our clients. Already at the stage of creating an exchange application, you will see how much Litecoin you are giving, and how much AdvCash RUB you will receive on your account in rubles. Everything is transparent, clear and simple.

Have questions? Our operators are always in touch with you during working hours and will help you to quickly understand everything  and if necessary - and forgive ... forgive those services with which you cooperated before us, for not the most optimal conditions for exchange. And this is correct, because now you know who to trust the exchange of electronic currencies  and do not keep evil on other exchangers.